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Welcome to the International Public Speaking Academy, one of the most respected providers of professional communication training worldwide.

Rapid Communication & Presentation Skills Training

Passionate about transformational communication training. We don’t just teach groundbreaking methods, we ensure you experience a permanent shift in your Public Speaking and presentation skills. Our methods are fun, creative and build on your existing and hidden strengths… Meet the team and Find Out More about the PSA.


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Take a Public Speaking Academy course and we promise you will see real change in how you think, feel and speak as future presenters. Whether it’s an open course for your personal development, or looking to help your business team. We deliver professional and practical presentation training, with passion and energy. So you learn rapidly whilst having fun.

Our trainers are Professional Speakers and Coaches. And we’ve worked with all walks of life, from Royalty and Politicians, to SMEs and Students. Our approach is practical not lecture based, not only will we teach what is most relevant, but do so in a creative positive environment. Resulting in sharp shifts in your confidence and speaking delivery.

Hello Intentional Speakers!

Here are two ways I can help you to INTENTIONALLY grow your speaking business:

1. I’m giving you my FREE ebook which contains some really great actionable  stuff. Get it here:


2. If you’d like to talk directly with me to grow your speaking business, join PUBLIC SPEAKING CLUB, my Facebook community.Click Here

I believe you’re NOT normal

Normal is nothing!

You’re supernormal like ME!

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*stay inspired!

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